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Janus Fire Systems ® Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems are engineered systems, meaning they offer maximum flexibility to tailor each system design according to the location they protect. Our FM-200™ system offers three different nozzle types in seven different sizes, with expansive vertical and horizontal coverage from each single nozzle.

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Sika is a specialty chemicals company with a leading position in the development and production of systems and products for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing, and protecting in the building sector and motor vehicle industry. Sika has subsidiaries in 100 countries around the world and manufactures in over 300 factories.

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The KM BOARD V1 system is made up of mineral fibre panels covered with fire-resistant material on one side, duly sealed with fire resistant putty KM SEALER F. They ensure a fire proofing seal of technological systems, such as air ducts, water pipes and cable raceways.

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Zinc Borate (2.ZnO*3.B 2 O 3 *3.5.H 2 O) Char promoter. Catalyses the formation of a glassy layer. Intumescent systems are alternatives to inorganic materials in final applications with fire resistance time (FRT) requirements, such as R60' or REI 30'. Main applications are intumescent coatings (IC) for the protection of steel structures, but ...

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The results show that it is possible to use MK-based and FA-based geopolymer mortars without adding any foaming agent as insulation and fire-resistant materials. The different geopolymer mortar types exhibited ∼33·57–73·57% lower thermal conductivity and 83·87–115% higher compressive strength than the TCM.

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Polyurethane Adhesives Two component polyurethanes (also called 2C PUR) have the advantages of single component polyurethane adhesives but are able to cure more quickly through larger gaps and are not dependent on moisture or heat to cure. Formulations can create flexible, tough materials that absorb considerable expansion, contraction stresses.

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The fire resistance and integrity of components used in building construction has come under increased scrutiny. This in turn has placed a higher degree of focus on the level of integrity of every product. In relation to the fire resistance test for curtains and other fire barriers the UK, testing certification is EN BS 1634-1.

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Made of 6mm of Magnesium panel, 2mm damping glue, 0.8 Aluminium sheet, 2mm damping glue and 6mm magnesium panel. Fire retardant grade A, environment protection grade E1, weather resistant, heat resistant. WOOD AND STEEL SOUNDPROOF DOORS. Made of stainless steel plate. There are sound insulation cotton and shock absorption material inside.

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MOBIAK. by Marcus Carter September 15, 2019. Telephone: +30 28210 63222 Email: Click to email Website: Click to visit website. Head Office: Akrotiri Chania, Crete P.C 73100, Greece. MOBIAK SA founded in 1977 and is the largest company in Greece and one of the fastest growing companies in the Balkans, Europe and the Middle East in the field of ...

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Singapore Fire Cement Importers Directory - Offering Singapore's buying leads from buyers, importers, distributors & resellers at Singapore

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Fire-resistant sealants and adhesives from Dow help you design fire systems with confidence, ensuring that risks to buildings – and building occupants – are minimized. Designed to help limit the spread of fire through wall and meet building codes and regulations, fire-rated sealants: Our fire retardent solutions are available in selected ...

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As construction progresses, various codes and standards require acceptance testing of the passive and active fire protection systems. Chapter 17 of the IBC requires special inspections of smoke control systems, sprayed fire-resistance materials, mastic and intumescent fire-resistant coatings, and fire-resistant penetrations and joints.


extremely flame-retardant articles for fire stop applications. Specialties The Lanxess portfolio of phosphorous specialties includes a variety of organic phosphorous compounds. These phosphorous specialties are used as liquid-liquid metal extractants, antifoam agents, solvent substitutes, viscosity depressants and catalysts for chemical synthesis.

Flame Retardant Polymer Formulations

materials is increasing. New materials and applications are being developed. It is necessary to add FRs to some plastics (dependent on application). Flame retardant consumption is growing globally due to increased standard of living and fire safety requirements.. There is a trend towards more environmentally compatible FRs, driven by

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Properties. The term fire-retardant as applied to organic (i.e., containing carbon) materials, is intended to refer to reduced fire hazard, as all will burn under certain circumstances. The tests used specified in building codes, such as NFPA 701, are more correctly flame resistance tests, which test a fabric's ability to resist ignition with the flame size and duration in the test conditions.

3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid

agent. A GWP of 3350 results in CO 2 equivalent emissions of 1,160,000 kg when this HFC agent is discharged. This is equivalent to the emissions from more than 240 typical automobiles in the USA driven for an entire year! Discharge of a fire protection system using Novec 1230 fluid in place of an HFC extinguishing agent results in


Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service 57, Labourdonais Street, Date received: ... by the owner or agent. ... One (1) copy of Maintenance Certificate for the fire extinguishers. Material Safety Data Sheets for any hazardous material or highly flammable materials stored or

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DURRA Buildings Systems as it is presently known as the Only Sri Lankan Sustainable Building materials manufacturer who convert the paddy straw in to eco-friendly, versatile, multipurpose building panel known as DURRA.DURRA panels will bring environmental benefits to any project, as the panels are green, light weight, sound resistant and heat insulated, with different lengths and could be ...

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There are several other factors that influence the fire-resistant characteristics of plants, including leaf moisture content, presence of dead material, and chemical content of the sap. Generally, deciduous trees and plants are less flammable than conifers. Opens a New Window., or contact Joe Hyatt, Fire Marshal, for printed color copies of ...

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Proguard is one of the leading Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) companies in Malaysia and South East Asia. We provide a comprehensive range of products and solutions catering to various industries and applications needs in the market place. With safety …

What Is A Flame Retardant? | Chemical Safety Facts

Flame retardants refer to a variety of substances that are added to combustible materials to prevent fires from starting or to slow the spread of fire, and to help provide additional escape time. The term "flame retardant" refers to a function, not a family of chemicals. Learn more about the chemistry of flame retardants.

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Safety Clothing-Fire Retardant Coveralls; Measurement Tools & Equipments. Fluke Insulation Testers-Megohmmeters; Fluke Clamp Meter – Fluke 373 Ac, Fluke 323, Fluke 325, Fluke 360 Ac Leakage Current, Fluke 771 Milliamp Process, Fluke 324, Fluke 374, Fluke 375, Fluke 376

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3 SEALING & BONDING PASSIVE FIRE PROTECTION SOLUTIONS CONTENTS 05 Sika passive ire protection – solutions that may save lives and protect property 06 Reaction to ire and resistance to ire 10 Linear seals, cavity barriers and service penetration seals 15 Intumescence and intumescent materials 16 Linear seals, ield of application 17 Pipe end-conigurations 18 Flexible walls and rigid walls

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Della Chow. LKAB Minerals Andalusite is an alumino-silicate raw material used in the manufacture of refractory linings. Andalusite is used extensively where greater thermal shock resistance is required. Additionally, refractories made with Andalusite can be used effectively under abrasive conditions.

What is Fire Retardant? (with pictures)

Fire retardant materials are often used in the building of skyscrapers. Almost any material can be treated with fire retardant solution to make it less combustible and harder to burn. Fire retardant sprays and additives are available for virtually any surface including …

Resin Systems for Automotive Composites

Resin Systems for Automotive Composites. Produce automotive structural composite parts in as little as one minute, with up to 70% weight savings versus steel, with Hexion's epoxy systems. For clear-coated and color painted exterior surfaces, our epoxy resin solutions enable mass-production of lightweight, Class A finish composite parts.

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Fire Retardant Fabrics like Twaron, Coated nylon, Carbon Foam and Modacrylic which are used in a variety of applications like industrial work wear, uniforms for fire fighters etc. Flame retardancy of a fabric depends on the number of times; the fabric is dry cleaned,.

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Flame retardants help to save lives by slowing down or stopping the spread of fire or reducing its intensity. They are used in anything from phones and curtains to car seats and buildings. Clariant's halogen-free flame retardants are produced to modern standards in Germany, Switzerland and China. Their brand name Exolit® has become a byword for sustainable fire safety.

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Polyurea FR 1044 (Fire Retardant) Polyurea AS 1044 (Anti-Static Polyurea) Polyurea FX 1044 (Enhanced Flexibility) Polyurea HP 1044 (Abrasion Resistant Polyurea) Polyurea 1045 (Eco Pure) Polyurea AL 1070 (Aliphatic) Polyurea PA 1070 Polyaspartic Soft; Polyurea PA 1005 Polyaspartic Hard; Polyurea HB 1010 (Hybrid Systems) Pur 450 Pu Waterproofing ...